Google Adwords or Facebook Ads – The Showdown

Generating traffic to your site is really a necessity for anyone who actually wants to make cash from their website. There are plenty of different techniques for getting this advertising, and a number of these advertising methods can be costly. One option which has been around for a very long time is using Google Aadwords in order to produce this traffic. But, recently face book has also been allowing men and women to begin setting targeted advertisements on their internet site. While many of you already know that you have two options for your paper click marketing, you’re not quite sure which is best for your needs. For those of you who don’t actually know the distinction between these two platforms we’re going to be speaking about them in this article.

When it comes to Google Adwords you are going to discover that one of the benefits of using this program is that you can reach a broader audience. One thing you ought to actually realize about Googles Advertising and marketing is that your ads will wind up appearing on other people’s internet sites throughout the entire online world. One more thing I should point out about these Google advertisements would be that the internet sites are actually targeted to your niche. What this means is that for people who are advertising products that relate to dog training, you will notice that your ads for your website will be appearing on other dog related web sites. If you’re one of the individuals who have used Google advertising and marketing for your website I’m sure you already know that on account of the levels of competition, the price of this advertising and marketing can be astronomical.

Now it is time to look at face book ads and a few of the pros and cons of this system. With face book you’ll still be able to advertise your products to individuals that are actually interested in that niche. Meaning again that if you offer a weight loss product you are going to be able to target people who are interested in weight loss. As I am certain you already know there is a drawback to advertising with face book, and that is that your ads will not be all over the net, there are only going to be on this one site. One more thing worth mentioning is that you will only be paying a fraction of the price to advertise on face book as compared to what you would need to pay on Google And and simply because you’re going to be investing less cash for your advertisements you are going to actually have the ability to market more for less cash. The potential for making cash when you have more advertising and marketing is clearly greater than if you have less advertising and marketing.

Now that you understand the differences between the two advertising and marketing platforms it is actually your choice to decide which you feel is going to be better for your needs. While both programs have their positive aspects, you ought to also understand that both programs have their drawbacks. Now that you’ve got the information you need it’s up to you to determine the best form of advertising for you in order to make cash.