Why You Are Missing Tons of Blog Traffic Without Social Marketing

Just about every blogger struggles with getting traffic to their blog site. You can discover an awful lot of programs on the Internet for getting traffic but most of those programs are simply garbage. There are great methods for getting more traffic to your blog and in this post we are going to be looking at social bookmarking as a way to get this traffic you need.

One thing you should know about social bookmarking is that the social Internet sites themselves will be able to boost your traffic almost instantly. Backlinks are another thing you will definitely get once you start to bookmark your blog posts. As many of you already know the more backlinks you have the more site visitors you will get from the search engines. Plus the more backlinks you get the higher your website will normally rank within the search engines.

While you can join as many social bookmarking Internet sites as you want the real key is to focus on the high PR websites first. Some of these sites are Stumble Upon, delicious, digg and Multiply just to name a few. One thing you should understand is that there are hundreds more so do not just quit with 2 or 3. If you begin by just subscribing to about 40 of these Internet sites you will do pretty well. If you need to know were you’ll find a list of these social bookmarking sites you can simply use a search engine. Once you’ve got your list you have got to set aside Three or four hours to go through and sign up for all these websites.

Now all you have to do is take the new posts you make and add them to all the social bookmarking sites, this is the article url not your homepage. This will take you a while in the beginning although once you have a method and a rhythm you’ll find that this can be done in an hour or so. The best part about this approach is that you will notice an instant surge in your site visitors right off the bat.

For those of you who don’t have the time or perhaps do not want to join up to all these social sites you can get men and women on the Internet that are willing to do it for you for about 5 to 10 dollars. Obviously this will still leave you with being forced to login each day and post to the sites. For those who would like an easier approach to get these links posted on social bookmarking websites there are a pair of programs that could help. The very first is only wire and the next system is ping. fm. These programs will use your current login information from the social bookmarking sites you signed up with and automatically bookmark all your new blog posts.

If you really need to take your blog to the next level and start acquiring more traffic this is one of the best ways to go about it. You should also keep in mind that every time you make a post and bookmark that page you will be developing 40 to 50 backlinks to your blog which will also help with your search engine ranking.