How A Social Bookmarking Button Can Maximize Traffic Value

If you started a blog in order to make a little money from it, you already know that without people coming to your blog, you won’t make any money. People are frequently trying to find new strategies of getting more blog site visitors. When it comes to acquiring more traffic to your blog you really have to get back to the fundamentals. The simplicity of a “share this” button on your blog posts can make a great difference. I will also reveal how this button may end up taking your blog from nothing to getting steady targeted visitors daily.

A “share this” button is a particularly simple way for 1 website visitor to share your blog post with many hundreds or even thousands of other people. A lot of of you have even most likely seen these buttons on other peoples blogs. This is one way for the visitors of that blog to inform their friends about a post that could interest them.

It does not stop with just one sort of site though, as there are buttons that will permit you to share posts on facebook, myspace, digg and many other social networking sites. Simply by just having one button that only allows your visitors to post to one particular social networking site can give you a tiny boost but you will want more. To be able to get the most out of buttons like this locate one that permits people to add the post to many different sites. Or at least give them the ability to choose between internet sites. You have to remember that not everyone will have a twitter account, so if you just add a twitter button you are limiting the possibilities for people to tell other people about the post.

For those of you working with a wordpress theme for your blog, you will be able to find loads of different types of buttons that you can use. A person can just look for “share this” on the add plugin screen. Some of the plugins will probably only include a couple of social networking sites, while others may have the option to include 30 or more sites. What you are actually looking for is a “share this” button that features every single social networking site you can think of.

Now lets take a look at just what this simple small button or plugin is able to do for your traffic. Lets say you just authored an excellent article and someone would like to share this with their friends on twitter. This person appreciated your article or post and they start using the “share this” button and promote your blog post to about 50 of their friends on what ever social site they are on. Out of those 50 people shall we say just 5 go to your blog and really enjoyed your article. Next lets just say that out of the people that stopped by because an individual shared it with them that three of those people decided to share the posting with other friends on alternative social sites. So now this one post may be endorsed to 150 or more people. After that 20 of those people who just got the message decided to drop by and read what you had to say and then half of them decided to share with many other friends and family members that they think will enjoy the article. Keep doing the math if you desire, but one good post along with a “share this” button can really turn in to a load of site traffic.

By just adding a small little plugin like this you can start getting a lot more targeted traffic. And as you know, the more traffic you end up getting the more money you will produce.